statsTeachR relies on a community of teachers dedicated to creating open-access educational materials for teaching statistics using R. You can think of statsTeachR as the CRAN for statistical education. Anyone can register for the site and upload their modules to the statsTeachR repository.

Module file-structure
We suggest, but do not require that modules follow a structured format, similar to the format for R packages. This enables teachers looking for materials to glance at a module and quickly comprehend the scope of the content and choose, à la carte, what pieces of each module they would like. The following list details the components of each module:

OVERVIEW text file a text file containing meta-data for the module
README text file a brief description of the module
assignments folder container for all assignment files
labs folder container for all lab files
quiz folder container for all quiz files
slides folder container for all slide files
solutions folder container for all solution files (uploaded separately)
source folder container for the statsTeachR LaTeX preambles and subfolders with source files

You can download a module folder skeleton that we have designed to ease the process of module preparation. Also, you can visit the statsTeachR GitHub repository to see, fork, download, some of the modules that we have created.